latex inflatable bag sleepsack

Presenting the tightest most incredible piece of latex I have bought/developed in my life!

This is a double skinned double chamber inflatable bag. Made from 0.8mm latex inside and out this bag weighs over 5 Kilos in weight and the pressure against the skin when fully inflated is intense... The mask is not part of the bag

and the white think poking out the hole is a pair of socks to show that it can be unzippped to let something in or out! - there is nothing else so intense like this on the interne! If you have tried an inflatable suit or bag before and been disappointed that when you lay down all the air rushes to the top this does not are squished!

If you want one email me ebaysales at they are not cheap and will be manufactured to order on receipt of payment they work out at £400 each + SHIPPING - but you will not get get anythink like this anywhere else!

Picture below show a close up of the head hole - this is re-enforced and you could if wanted push your head through before inflating..

latex inflatable body bag head whole

This is a very intense piece of latex.... The last picture below shows the bag uninflatted - its over 2 metres and 28 inches wide....

latex bodybag sleepsack double skinned